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Banan Real Estate Co. Announces the Results of the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting, ( First Meeting )


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Introduction The Board of Directors of Banan Realestate company are pleased to announces that the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting (first meeting) has been held
City and Location of the General Assembly's Meeting Company’s Headquarter, Riyadh City- via modern technology
Date of the General Assembly's Meeting 2021-10-20 Corresponding to 1443-03-14
Time of the General Assembly's Meeting 19:30
Percentage of Attending Shareholders 77.68
Names of the Board of Directors' Members Present at the General Assembly's Meeting and Names of the Absentees 1. Mr. Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Alhakbani (Chairman of the Board) 2. Mr. Majed Abdullah Alnasser ( CEO ) 3. Mr. Ahmad Abdulrahman Alhakbani   4. Mr. Faisal Mohammed Alhakbani   5. Mr. Ahmed Sulaiman Almuzaini 6. Mr.Abdulaziz Mohammed Algabbani
Names of the Chairmen of the Committees Present at the General Assembly's Meeting or Members of such Committees Attending on Their Behalf Mr. Ahmed Sulaiman Almuzaini (Chairman of the Audit Committee)
Voting Results on the Items of the General Assembly's Meeting Agenda's 1-Approved on the Board's recommendation to distribute cash dividends to shareholders of SAR 5,000,000 for the financial period ( June 30, 2021 ) at SAR 0.25 per share, which represents (2.5%) of the nominal share value, All the shareholders registered with the Securities Depository Centre as shareholders of the Company at the at the end of second trading day of holding of General Assembly meeting shall be eligible for the dividend, Dividends distribution date will be announced later.   2- Approved on delegating the Board of Directors to distribute interim dividends on a a semi / quarterly basis for the fiscal year 2021 G