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Banan Real Estate Co. Announces Resignation Audit Committee Member


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Introduction Banan Real Estate Company announces the approval of the Board of Directors to accept the resignation of a member of the Audit Committee, Mr. / Khalid AbdulAziz Al-Hoshan (a member from outside the Board), provided that the resignation shall be effective from the date of 14 February 2023.    The Board will work to appoint a member in the vacant position before the end of the current session of the Committee, according to the procedure followed, as soon as possible, so that the formation of the Committee is in line with the requirements of the relevant statutory articles in terms of the minimum number of members of the Audit Committee (three members), provided that an announcement is made at a later time. For the name of the appointed member in accordance with the requirements of the relevant regulations and instructions.
Element List Explanation
Name of Resigning Member Mr. Khalid Abdul Aziz Al Hoshan
Resignation Submission Date 2023-02-14 Corresponding to 1444-07-23
Resignation Effective Date 2023-02-14 Corresponding to 1444-07-23
Reasons for Resignation Due to the application of Article Fifty-One (Paragraph g) of the Corporate Governance Regulations from the Board of Directors of the Market Authority dated 18-1-2023 regarding the formation of the audit committee, it is stated that (A member of the audit committee shall not be a member of the audit committees of more than five listed joint stock companies at the same time)
Resigning Member Start Date 2022-12-26 Corresponding to 1444-06-02