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Banan Real Estate Company announces the Board of Directors’ decision to form the Nominations and Remunerations Committee


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Announcement Detail Banan Real Estate Company announces the Board of Directors' decision on Wednesday, 20/10/1444 corresponding to 10/05/2023, which included the following:    1- Approval of the formation of the Nomination, Remuneration Committee from the date of the resolution until the end of the session of the Board of Directors as follows:   Mr. Naif Abdullah Alsufiyan - Non-executive member-Chairman of the Committee   Mr. Faisal Mohammed Alhagbani-Non-executive member- Member of the Committee-   Mr.Fahd Yanallah Algamdi-member from outside the Board Member of the Committee   2- Approval of   Committee's policy of Nominations, Remuneration Committee   To presenting it to the next General Assembly for accreditation